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Pakua: An ancient knowledge for modern times. Pakua is a comprehensive Art based on the ancient Pakua Symbol. This site provides information on Pakua Martial Art, Healing, Knowledge, The 8 Changes, The 5 Elements, The I-Ching and more. Founded by Master Rogelio M Giordano, the Pa-Kua International School has become an institution in many parts of the world. Founded some 30 years ago, upon Master Giordano's return from the Orient, the International Pa-Kua School has grown in Argentina, Brazil, United States, Israel, France, Switzerland, Italy, and many other countries. Master Giordano has dedicated his life to the continued growth of the Pa-Kua School system. In doing that, Master Giordano has been awarded the recognition of the United States Presidential Office for the advancement of martial arts education in the United States. Pa-Kua is an ancient knowledge that was always taught in a very traditional Chinese form, passed on from generation to generation within the family nucleus. Today, Pa-Kua is taught in taught in the Occident in a belt or level system. The knowledge, based on the ancient Pa-Kua symbol, ranges from Martial Art, Self Defense and Ancient Weapons, to healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Energy Ways and Ch'ien-Chi-Kua. In Chinese, "Pa" means eight and "Kua" means changes. Pa-Kua, the art of the "Eight Changes", is thus a complete knowledge helping us through the ever changing situations of our daily life. ~~~~./master.htm Pakua: Master Giordano